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Let's rethink the single use cup...

A reusable cup can be waiting for you at your favourite coffee shop. You can then use it and place it in the nearest collection bin. From there it will be washed and returned to the coffee shop where it will have helped reduce the high number of single use cups that go to landfill every day.
How many single use cups do you use in a week?

Where is your favourite place to get good coffee?

Do your single use cups usually end up in the same bin locations?

Which single use cups do you use?

How often do your single use cups end up in the correct bin?

Recyclable cups end up in recycling bins or biodegradable cups end up being composted.
If you used the GO2CUP service, how likely would you be to put the GO2CUP in the correct collection bin?

How would you rate your reaction to the GO2CUP concept?

What concerns do you have about the GO2CUP service?

Please take your time in answering as thoughtfully as you can.
Which of the following would most influence your decision to use a GO2CUP over using a regular single use cup?

How likely would you be to use a GO2CUP at an event?

If possible, would you request to have a GO2CUP collection bin at your workplace?

If there were a loyalty program where you received a free coffee for every 10 GO2CUPS that were returned to a participating coffee shop, how likely would you be to use this?

Knowing that each GO2CUP could cost your favourite coffee shop up to 30 cents extra per cup, how much would you be willing to contribute to sharing this cost?

Enter numbers only from 0-30.
What would be your preferred method of sharing this extra cost?

How likely do you think you would you be to recommend GO2CUP to a friend or colleague?

Do you have any suggestions about how we can create the smartest, most sustainable, and easiest reusable coffee cup?

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